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Your Online Business Partner

At EQI Data, we provide real-time online business knowledge drawn from multiple sources across multiple territories through our unique data analysis tool. 

How well do you know your online business?

With so many sales channels, marketing channels and territories, it can be tough for many companies to make sense of their brand online.

Track your business's performance, keep an eye on your competitor's activities, know what's working and what's not with our intuitive, transparent data gathering and analysis tools. 

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EQI Data Analysis


The core of our business is our SaaS online business analysis tool. We think of it as an access point to your businesses online data. A portal to monitor, compare and derive insights. Invaluable to c-suite and execution teams alike.

Built out of the many years of experience our team has gain from operating in some of the most dynamic markets in the world, EQI Data covers the online marketplaces of Asia. Our access to and interpretation of a wide range of data sources, from online marketplaces to social media, makes EQI an indispensable tool for understanding your global online


We have the data and the insights for business leaders and execution teams alike to derive real value. Our team of experts are also on hand to help guide and advise you how to get the best out of this unique tool.

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How We Can Help

EQI helps makes sense of the complex web of global online business. From marketplace sales and competitor analysis through to social media and marketing performance, we have the tools and insights to drive your company's success.


EQI Data, our data tool, gives global and local teams access to the same data in real time. Reducing the time to decision, building transparency and helping inform the right strategy.


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"Viewing our metrics across ALL our platforms AND in real-time is such a relief - especially in China's fast pace environment."



"Analyzing competition while evaluating our campaigns' ROIs gave us the boost we needed to optimize our profits!"



"G-Data has been for us a Game Changer! Using such insights allowed us to better control and plan our operations."

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