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Unleash the Potential of Your Business with EqiData

EQI-data is a software solution for analyzing every angle of your online business across every e-commerce and social networking platforms. Get real time insights on sales, performance, consumer behaviour and engagement.


Stay on top of your Online Operations across the APAC region

Optimize operations

Take Control

We bring you the metrics that matter for business leaders and execution teams alike to derive real value. 
Take control of your brand’s data and performance in China and SEA.  Monitor sales through the many eCommerce marketplaces and social media channels across the region.  

Save time

Reduce the time to decision with real-time insights, building transparency and helping inform the right strategy. 

Watch out

Keep an eye on your competitor’s activities, know what’s working and what’s not on the market. 
Plus, you can take advantage of our comprehensive e-commerce operations and marketing campaign value added services to maximize your brand success.

Choose Your Plan

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"Viewing our metrics across ALL our platforms AND in real-time is such a relief - especially in China's fast pace environment."



"Analyzing competition while evaluating our campaigns' ROIs gave us the boost we needed to optimize our profits!"



"G-Data has been for us a Game Changer! Using such insights allowed us to better control and plan our operations."

Unleash your Business Potential

Join the growing community of businesses that have experienced the transformative power of data analytics with EqiData. Book a demo today and discover how our solutions can propel your organization forward.

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